Donald B. Sherer, . Attorney at Law


    Consultation to and representation of clients in all aspects of Adoption Law and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Law.

      Adoption Law:
      • Court representation in Termination of Parental Rights cases
      • Court representation in full Adoption, Step-Parent Adoption and re-adoption (immigration) cases
      • Consultation and problem-solving in difficult adoption-related situations, i.e. fraud, agency-related problems, birth certificate issues, etc

      ART Law:
      • Preparation of Agreements for Surrogate birth, Gestational Carrier, Egg Donor, Embryo Donation and Identified Sperm Donor, Pre-birth and Post-birth Orders, Same Sex Parent Agreements
      • Situational review and management

    Representation of Special Interests before legislative committees

    Expert witness in litigation regarding medical malpractice and other matters concerning testimony involving aspects of adoption and assistive reproductive technology policies and procedures

    Speaker for medical, legal and other groups interested in ART Law

    Attorney Sherer is admitted to practice law in the states of Connecticut and New York and may appear before courts in other jurisdictions with permission of the Court there. All legal advice given to clients from other jurisdictions is subject to local law and practice and it is recommended that local counsel be available for consultation in that regard.

    A fee schedule will be made available upon request.

    1010 Summer Street, Suite 101
    Stamford, Connecticut 06905
    Phone: 203.327.2084
    . Facsimile: 203.325.8624