Donald B. Sherer, . Attorney at Law


    It is the mission of my law office to provide the most compassionate and professional legal services to those individuals seeking to have a child through procedures using Assisted Reproductive Technologies as well as through the Adoption process.

    Having gone through the full range of emotions resulting from the inability to have natural children, my wife and I did adopt two children as infants and I made a personal committment to assist those in a similar situation. Because I have "been there-done that" you are assured of receiving direct and honest information and caring legal representation. Additionally, I have been sought out by medical and legal professionals, judges and legislative committees to provide them with analysis and information in this fast-growing, ever-changing field of law.

    1010 Summer Street, Suite 101
    Stamford, Connecticut 06905
    Phone: 203.327.2084
    . Facsimile: 203.325.8624